Video: Soquel Creek Conserves Resources Through Frictionless Payments

Brian Melle

Soquel Creek Water District is a public agency dedicated to providing a high-quality and sustainable water supply to nearly 41,000 residents. However, the district felt restricted in its ability to meet customer expectations when it came to collecting payments, largely due to an inefficient billing and payment platform that created time-consuming and frustrating experiences for both residents and staff.

We were thrilled to sit down with Valerie Spaugh, Customer Service Supervisor at Soquel Creek, to hear how InvoiceCloud’s frictionless payment and customer engagement solution empowered Soquel’s customers to easily self-serve, resulting in better customer experiences and more cost-efficient payments.

Want to learn more about how InvoiceCloud helped Soquel Creek Water District see these incredible results? You can always set up a no-obligation, 30-minute call with our team to share your billing and payment struggles and hear how we can help.

Brian Melle

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