Why Does InvoiceCloud Follow a Servant Leadership Structure?

Amanda Eleuteri

We’ve all worked for that one company (or maybe companies, plural) that subscribes to a traditional, hierarchical organizational structure. You know, where leadership is the central focus and is supported by the tireless team? 

Well, the servant leadership model is an inversion of that typical, hierarchical pyramid. If typically leaders are placed at the top of the pyramid and employees fall below, servant leadership turns this traditional concept on its head by putting employees at the top and executives down at the bottom.

At its core, servant leadership is about creating and fostering the best possible environment to empower employees to do their finest work – which, for EngageSmart employees, looks like going above and beyond to serve our customers so they may better serve their communities. 

Servant leadership at InvoiceCloud 

Servant leadership permeates InvoiceCloud’s culture and underpins our team’s growth mindset, starting with the EngageSmart team. As an organization, EngageSmart firmly believes that the best leaders empower their teams to excel by providing constructive support and celebrating victories (big and small). As a result, employees within all solutions feel supported and motivated to respond rapidly, innovate quickly, and build effectively. In turn, our solutions are able to maintain product leadership and most importantly, help our customers improve their organizations and better serve their communities. 

Bob Bennett, CEO of EngageSmart, knew from the beginning that this leadership model was the right fit for the organization he was building.  

“I’ve always believed that the people engaging with customers on a daily basis are the most important part of an organization. That’s why the servant leadership model clicked in my mind from the moment I encountered it.”

Bob Bennett, CEO, EngageSmart 

But don’t take our word for it — hear for yourself from a few members of the InvoiceCloud team about what this leadership style means to them:  

Come join a servant-led organization 

At a servant-led organization, employees quickly understand that they aren’t just working for decision-makers — they are decision-makers. And with the type of support this model encourages, they’ll build better relationships with your customers and amplify the organization’s success as a whole. 

Collaboration and teamwork are essential to our culture here at InvoiceCloud, and servant leadership embodies our goal of empowering and inspiring our employees. If a servant leader-led organization sounds like the right fit for you, let’s chat!  

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