Client Survey Feedback Report

Each year, we ask our clients to complete a short survey. We use the Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) system to evaluate our overall success in serving our clients. This year saw an increase in our overall score, but some areas definitely need improvement. We’ve begun to address these areas in meaningful ways and are committed to getting all aspects of our service in the “fabulous” category. Below is a snapshot of Invoice Cloud’s 2017 NPS data.

Some of the most impactful results come from client comments and suggestions for improvement. This report captures those issues that apply to many or all clients so that we can share helpful information or provide clarity.

Comments received by topic area:

Topic 2017 2016
Communications/support 24% (4% positive) 33% (9% positive)
Product related 27% 24%
Changes to account/service set ups by Client Support 8% 11%
Billing software integrations 13% 11%
Requests for additional services 4% 5%
Fee (payer) related questions 3% 5%
 Training  4%  4%
Happy notes  17% 22%


Communication and Support

We have had a boom year. Thanks to our advanced platform technology and service offerings, we’ve grown considerably. Unfortunately, that growth came with growing pains. We have made terrific progress meeting the increased support demands and are on track to further reduce response times and enrich the response content.

Fifty percent of the support comments were about slow responses. They were justified, our response times were too long. In order to improve client support, we’ve increased our support staff by 33%. Hiring started in April and has already resulted in our shortest monthly ticket duration averages. We appreciate your feedback about areas that need improvement.

There were also several comments about phone response versus an email response. We have initiated an internal push to communicate by phone when a ticket is complex or the client has requested a phone call. One of the comments noted the increase in direct phone contact as helpful. Also, you can always call us directly at (901) 737-8686.

We have an expanded escalation path for quality assurance and assistance during high-level issues. Below is the route to follow. You may have additional staff assigned to your software integration model, to get more information about team (Red, Blue or Green) assignment, please submit a helpdesk ticket or send email to:

Product News

Several comments were made about payers’ confusion with balance forward accounts. To help payers understand that a balance has been forwarded, a new feature has been added. Billers now have the option to add a notice underneath invoices in the Customer Portal to pass further information to all customers. Custom text can be added or modified by our customer service team. Read more here.

We also received numerous suggestions for improving the user interface (UI), requests that can be resolved by client support and being notified of product changes. Product changes can occur for several reasons. They can be the result of long term planning to bring added functionality, industry prompted changes like security, or small enhancements made for specific clients that can benefit all. We send out Service Update emails, put something in Cloudburst and use our biller portal notification system. The most reliable method to communicate changes is the biller portal notification system, so it’s a good idea to check those messages frequently.


Numerous training videos and how-to documents are available through the biller porter under support/documentation. Client team members can view training videos on their own schedule and focus in on the videos that cover their work areas. Click here for more information. If you would like to request a live training session, please submit a HelpDesk ticket and a member of our Training team will contact you.

If you have an unresolved issue

If you have questions about a topic covered in this report or have an unresolved issue, please call us at 901-737-8686 or email

Thanks to all of you who responded to the annual survey – it has a direct impact on our ability to innovate your customer experience.