What it Takes to Join the Invoice Cloud Implementation Team

Ray Cappola

The implementation team at Invoice Cloud truly bridges the gap between two major pillars of our organizational mission: providing both a simple, online payment solution that makes our clients jobs easier and cultivating customer connections that inspire agency. 

We’re always looking for talented implementation professionals to join our team – but, most importantly, we’re looking to welcome teammates that are both technically skilled and representative of our CLOUDIES values. 

If you’re aimplementation wiz who values a collaborative, candid, and community-oriented workplace, then read on – we’d like to share exactly what to expect when interviewing for the Invoice Cloud implementation team. 

What does our interview process look like for the implementation team at Invoice Cloud? 

When the implementation team is looking to hire a new team member, we conduct an interview that reviews your experience, your skillset within the parameters of the role, your technical skills, and various “soft skills” that make an implementation team member truly effective. 

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect after applying for an implementation position at Invoice Cloud: 

1. Phone screen 

Our recruiting team first works to identify and talk with skilled implementation  professionalsWhile skillsets and experience are critical, keep in mind that we are looking for  candidates that are passionate about learning and have a growth mindset. The recruiting team  wants to present the hiring team with a candidate’s story – so make sure to share a bit about  your life outside of work, too. 

2. First hiring manager interview 

Once candidates have been screened by our recruiting teamthey will meet with the hiring  manager for an  introductory interview. This first interview will give the hiring manager an  opportunity to assess experience, ability, and whether the candidate is a potential culture fit,  not just for the implementation team, but for the Invoice Cloud culture at large. (Note: during  the pandemic, all interviews are now conducted via phone call or Zoom.)

3. Panel interview 

Candidates who receive the greenlight from the hiring manager are then invited to a panel  interview. The format of this panel interview runs about 90 minutes and involves the  candidate’s potential peers and other Invoice Cloud stakeholders. The main purpose of this  interview is to see how a candidate interacts with current implementation team members. 

4. Second hiring manager interview 

Next, candidates are invited to a second, more in-depth interview with the hiring manager  where we dive into the candidate’s situational tactics, experiences, and achievements. Savvy  candidates will quickly recognize that we’re looking for interviewees to employ the STAR  method in answering these questions. (“STAR” is a technique for answering behavioral interview  questions that helps you explain how you handled specific work situations and challenges.) 

5. Final Decision 
At this point, the implementations team lets the recruiting team know which candidate we’ve selected, and work with HR to craft an offer for (hopefully!) our next implementation hire. 

What does Invoice Cloud look for in implementation candidates (technical skills, soft skills, specific experience, etc.)? 

For Invoice Cloud’s implementation team specifically, we target potential team members that have: 

  • Strong customer and project management skills 
  • Excellent communication skills 
  • Team player mentality 
  • Experience in either the Software as a Service (SaaS)electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) industry, or experience in our target marketssuch as insurance, consumer finance, municipal, and utility software 
  • Technical fundamentals (SaaS, security, webservices, data exchange/translation, networking) 
  • Experience in high-velocity project environments concurrently managing multiple projects 
  • Experience with regulated and quality environments 
  • PMP, ITIL, six sigma, and other certifications are always a plus 

In addition to these “hard skills” we look for three core values or behaviors in candidates – we call it our own “TCO” for successful employees: 

  • Tenacious – Our implementation team members advocate for their customers. You must be up to the task to drive both internal and external projects, and you must be tenacious in your execution. 
  • Curious – The core of the implementation team is solving problems and delivering results. To solve problems effectively for our customers, you must be innately curious. 
  • Organized – We’ve all seen cartoons of plate jugglers, right? Where someone is struggling to keep a couple of plates airborneonly for them to all come crashing down? Well, our implementation team juggles plates while dribbling a basketball and playing darts! That said, we look for people that are incredibly organized in their approach to work and life.  

What technologies does Invoice Cloud use that candidates for your team should be aware of? 

Considering Invoice Cloud is a SaaS company that delivers solutions into many markets, a strong software foundation is critical to join our implementation teamBasic SaaS principles, web services, and data exchange/translation skills are all required.  

Any upcoming challenges or projects that will be the team’s next focus? 

The Invoice Cloud base is growing at an incredible rateso our main challenge is to keep up with that growth  and, ideally, to have fun while doing it!   

Any advice you might give potential candidates? 

Again, we’re looking for new team members who are not only exceptional at the job but are a great fit within our team and the organizational culture at largeAt Invoice Cloud, we truly believe the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. 

So, be yourself. That’s who we want to see! 


Does this resonate with you? Feel like you’re up to the task of joining our growing implementation team? If you’re looking for your next challenge in the SaaS or EBPP space, we want to talk to you! 

Learn more about Invoice Cloud, our values, and our open positions here. 

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