You’re an InvoiceCloud Customer – What Support Can You Expect? 

Katie Johnson

If you’ve recently become an InvoiceCloud customer, welcome! At InvoiceCloud, biller support is an essential part of our offerings, meaning your relationship with us extends far beyond the day you decide to partner with us. From implementation and onboarding to day-to-day operations and support, we continue to offer our expertise with direct access to our support teams. 

Our unique customer-centric go-to-market model works so that our salespeople only succeed when the biller succeeds, ensuring that long-term relationships are established and maintained with billing organizations. And, unlike our competitors, InvoiceCloud is structured to provide billers technical support and strategic counseling to efficiently increase e-adoption and provide a quick return on investment. 

When billers select certain product features and integrations at the time of sale, they gain access to a variety of human-led services and self-service resources to streamline platform migration and promote long-term use. 

InvoiceCloud’s customer services 

So, what are some of the offerings InvoiceCloud customers can expect? Here are a few of the services InvoiceCloud provides to set organizations like yours up for success. 

Implementation and Onboarding 

Upon signing with InvoiceCloud, billers are paired with a dedicated Implementation Manager (IM) to oversee their go-live process over an average of three months. The IM will create and share a detailed project plan to track your implementation step-by-step with one of our 150+ CIS partners. Fortunately, we develop the same kind of long-lasting relationships with each of these partners – so you can rest easy knowing there’s a proven, working relationship with your CIS. 

Additionally, Boarding Specialists will work with you and your IM to handle the technical aspect of setting up payment processing and testing. Overall, our experienced teams are here to provide consistent support during this critical time of transition for your organization. 

Biller Marketing Services 

Once a customer, billers have access to our Marketing Resource Center (MRC), an online library full of free, downloadable, and customizable content to use across all of your marketing campaigns including those that are digital, direct-mail, and in-person. This collateral is immensely useful when kickstarting efforts to drive your customers to e-adoption, paperless billing, and AutoPay; these resources and custom assets increase your customer’s awareness of your self-service options and increase the likelihood that your customers will utilize these features at time of go-live. In fact, we’ve found that marketing support before and after go-live is a key differentiator that accelerates time-to-value for our customers. 

Transition Success 

For use cases and system requirements that are more complex, InvoiceCloud relies on the Transition Success team. Our Transition Specialists ensure early billing cycles are seamless and manage any potential issues with fast and direct support. The Transition Success team can also offer personalized training so that everyone in your organization is up-to-speed on the InvoiceCloud platform. 

Customer Success 

From the moment your platform goes live, we’ll provide you with superior customer support every step of the way. Customers can work with one of our Customer Success Managers (CSM) for long-term consulting and support, serving as your internal advocate, strategic partner, and educational resource for all things InvoiceCloud to ensure you see continual value from our platform. 

Client Services Team 

Have a question? We’ve got answers. For day-to-day questions and troubleshooting issues, our US-based Client Services Team is available via phone or email. These specialists manage support cases from start to finish and can help with a wide variety of issues from account setup and transaction support to reconciliation errors and payment issues. 

Examples of InvoiceCloud success  

We could go on and on about our wonderful support specialists and offerings, but don’t take our word for it! Hear it yourself from real billers who have seen success using the InvoiceCloud platform: 

Ready to join this list of happy billers? Schedule a call with a member of the InvoiceCloud team to learn more!

Katie Johnson

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