LEXserv Saves 20 Hours a Month by Increasing Self-Service Rates: Client Story

Brian Melle

LEXserv, a utility service provider catering to over 110,000 residents, was grappling with an ineffective online payment system. The outdated solution lacked many of the modern, user-friendly payment options the modern utility customer expects and, on top of that, didn’t integrate with their CIS. This led to frustrated customers and a drain on internal resources to respond to rising payment-related customer support inquiries.

It was evident that in order to increase customer and employee satisfaction in the short term, the organization needed a new payment solution that could both integrate with its CIS and offer a comprehensive suite of omni-channel payment options. Ultimately, the utilities’ goal was to find a solution that could automate manual processes and free up the LEXserv staff for high-priority projects.

Disjointed payment solution causes frustration for customers and employees

LEXserv’s current digital payment system caused a multitude of challenges. Customer satisfaction declined due to a payment experience riddled with unnecessary obstacles, causing employees to spend substantial time on manual collections. Additionally, the volume of incoming calls surged as staff struggled to rectify payment errors and resolve other customer service issues.

The organization chose InvoiceCloud for its comprehensive solution that met all the needs of the LEXserv team — including seamless integration with their CIS and customer portal. A frictionless payment experience coupled with innovative payment options like pay-by-text and Venmo have led to a better user experience and an increase in self-service adoption, resulting in higher customer satisfaction rates. Moreover, these easy-to-use payment options reduced payment complications, meaning less customer service issues and more manageable workloads for employees.

InvoiceCloud boosts customer satisfaction and self-service rates

Following a straightforward implementation process with the InvoiceCloud team, LEXserv quickly saw numerous benefits. First, its ability to integrate with their existing CIS significantly improved collections efficiencies, leading to a notable 20-hour monthly reduction in tasks like reconciliations and payment searches.

Also, an enhanced user experience, flexibility to link multiple accounts, and the ability to choose from several payment options skyrocketed customer satisfaction. And, ongoing marketing support from InvoiceCloud helped electronic payment adoption increase by 114%.

To learn more about LEXserv’s experience with InvoiceCloud, check out the case study here.

Brian Melle

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