The Top 4 Biller Resources of 2021

Tessa Newell

As we ring in the New Year at InvoiceCloud, we’re taking a look back at some of the biller resources we were lucky enough to create and share with you all over the past 12 months.

We couldn’t help but notice there were a few pieces of content that really stuck out as popular among billing and collections folks. Let’s take a moment to highlight the resources that billers got the most out of this year — and, hopefully, you’ll take away something helpful for next year!

Enjoy our Top 4 most popular biller resources of 2021, starting with #4. 

4. Modernizing Collections Research Report

InvoiceCloud partnered with the Center for Digital Government (CDG) to understand one critical thing: are billing and collection processes creating unnecessary work for local government employees?

To do this, we surveyed local government officials and employees from across the country to better understand the obstacles they face when it comes to meeting their payment goals. While this problem has never been one-dimensional, the COVID-19 pandemic has added a new urgency to the riddle of modernizing collections while keeping employees, clientele, and revenue streams healthy.

In the research report, you’ll learn:


  computer-1Obstacles that keep billers from receiving payments on time (and solutions to remove them)


phoneBenefits of automation in creating a scalable, streamlined billing and payments experience


creditcard The impact improved payments can have on employee productivity and client relations


globe-icon-greenThe surprising reach that a positive payment experience can have on a community

3. The Benefits of Online Payments for Tax Events Ebook

While tax events are expected and planned for, they still require tremendous amounts of attention and resources. From increased staffing to handle rises in call volumes and lobby traffic, to heightened costs associated with printing and mailing paper bills, tax events can become an expensive venture for billing organizations.

That’s why many tax organizations are turning to online payment solutions to help ease the burden of these hectic recurring events.

This ebook outlines how online payments can help your organization:


phone-icon Reduce payment-related call volumes and in-person traffic


money-document-iconSpread payments more evenly across the duration of a tax event


time-icon-1 Save employee time, organizational costs, and more



2. The Insurance Innovation Checklist

If you’ve been tasked with keeping your insurance organization up-to-speed on critical innovations, you’re probably already on a journey to enhance your #1 policyholder engagement point: the premium payment experience.

Offering a high-quality, up-to-date payment experience can be a major differentiator in the crowded insurance market — especially now that Millennials have surpassed Baby Boomers as the biggest pool of insureds in North America.

For those insurance innovators that are wondering where to get started or need to evaluate their progress thus far, our free Insurance Innovation Checklist is here to help. 

The checklist is an interactive worksheet that you can use for team brainstorming or solo planning. It helps evaluate whether or not your organization is implementing the best practices for an easy-to-use, innovative premium payment experience. It will also offer areas your organizations can begin improving if you’re not quite there! 


1. The New Biller Best Practices Ebook

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered the landscape of billing and payments, likely for years to come. Primarily, the health crisis has encouraged (and in many cases, forced) payers to opt for contactless, digital methods of payment and communication. And critical health and financial concerns have resulted in billing organizations rethinking every part of their payment and collections process.

Based on the experience of more than 2,100 Invoice Cloud users, we’ve compiled a few of the new best practices that billing organizations must consider to effectively manage organizational priorities and support customers moving forward.

As our most popular resource of the year, we hope this ebook helped make the transition to digital payments easier for both billers and payers. And if your struggle has continued as we all try and navigate collections in COVID, get your copy of the guide below.

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