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Infographic: Municipal Benefits of Digitizing Tax Collection Services

One historical misconception of the tax industry is that certain manual tasks — like billing, resident communications, and collections…

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4 Keys to Reducing Late Premium Payments and Cancellations

Many insurance organizations share common pain points when it comes to collecting premium payments – but what’s the biggest, top-of-mind challenge that keeps insurers up…

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Tags: adoption, customer frustration, insurance, one-time payment, online payments, policyholder experience, saas, self-service

3 New Biller Best Practices in the Wake of COVID-19

Just as COVID-19 has drastically changed the way we live, billing organizations have also had to pivot their best practices in response to the health…

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Tags: adoption, digital payments, omni-channel, saas, user experience

What it Takes to Join the Invoice Cloud Implementation Team

The implementation team at Invoice Cloud truly bridges the gap between two major pillars of our organizational mission: providing both a simple, online payment solution that makes our clients’ jobs easier…

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Tags: culture, implementations, online payment system, saas, values

The 5 Biggest Payment Engagement Trends for 2021

With 2020 behind us, all eyes are looking forward to what 2021 holds. For billing and payment professionals, that curiosity can be summed up…

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Tags: adoption, customer engagement, customer experience, customer frustration, ebpp, online payment system, saas, user experience

The Ultimate Online Payment Security Checklist

With a growing number of customers opting for online payments, demand for digital payment channels is at an all-time…

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Tags: digital payments, ebpp, online payments, research, saas, security

Software Scalability Face-Off: SaaS vs. Hosted Solutions

Software as a service (SaaS) has numerous benefits that make it the preferred software choice for many organizations. Beyond…

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Tags: ebpp, online payment system, saas

Improving User Experience with SaaS Software: Client Story

One of the biggest challenges for insurance organizations today is maintaining a competitive edge in a crowded, fast-moving industry….

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Tags: client stories, customer experience, saas

4 Benefits of SaaS for Insurance Companies

Anyone who has been involved in purchasing software for their organization has heard of the term SaaS, or Software…

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