Town of Elizabeth Saves 25 Hours/Mo. in Staff Workloads: Client Story

Brian Melle

The Town of Elizabeth, CO, was stuck in a frustrating situation: their legacy online payment system was increasing staff workloads and driving residents away from self-service payment routes with a poor customer experience. Without sufficient customer service from their old payment technology company, the town staff was unable to help residents when they encountered issues with the system. 

“It made us look bad,” said Allison Ritter, Utility Billing Clerk for the Town of Elizabeth. “It was especially difficult after weekends of holidays, when we would have issues with payments not loading correctly. Customers had a hard time getting signed up for online payments, so they decided not to use the service. Plus, we were paying too much compared to the volume of customers using the service, so it wasn’t even a cost-effective payment solution. 

To get their money’s worth, the Town of Elizabeth knew it needed to find a new online billing and payment system that would offer customers an easy, frictionless way to receive bills and make payments – and, ideally, reduce their staff’s payment-related workloads in the process. 

Outdated payment solution increases staff workloads 

Due to its outdated payment system, the Town of Elizabeth was never able to continuously process payments in a timely manner. Not only was the system restricting how quickly payments could load and be accessed by the staff, but it was also prone to errors that repeatedly cost the town time and money. When customers encountered these issues (most often when trying to enroll in self-service routes or make payments online), the staff would then have to field an influx of calls with questions and complaints, which they often didn’t have answers or solutions for. 

Unable to focus on their true organizational priorities, the Town of Elizabeth staff began to face decreased productivity and morale, all stemming from their out-of-date billing and payments system. 

Easy integration with Caselle leads to real-time data 

When searching for an online payment solution to replace its legacy one, the town referred to its core billing system, Caselle, for suggestions. The Caselle team highly recommended InvoiceCloud, as our strong partner ecosystem allows for fast, free integrations with Caselle’s existing solution. 

The implementation process was excellent,” Ritter said. “We were wary throughout the process, but InvoiceCloud delivered. Our representatives met with us each week leading up to launch to give us progress updates and make sure we were going to have everything we needed.” 


The Town of Elizabeth felt confident in InvoiceCloud’s ability to work seamlessly with Caselle’s system and customer service but, most importantly, they were thrilled at the prospect of getting real-time payment updates from InvoiceCloud right in their Caselle system. No waiting for payments to load would mean a better experience for residents and streamlined internal processes for staff. 

Payment-related workloads reduced by 25 hours a month 

Since selecting InvoiceCloud as its new online billing and payments system, the Town of Elizabeth has cut down payment-related work by 25 hours a month. The town also saw: 

  • Decreased call volume regarding online payments 
  • Improved operational efficiencies with seamless and secure integration with Caselle’s billing software 
  • Increased enrollment in cost-saving services like AutoPay and paperless billing
  • Reduced printing costs associated with paper billing and mailing 
  • Decreased late and missed payments 

To get all the details surrounding the Town of Elizabeth’s success with InvoiceCloud, view the case study here. 


Brian Melle

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