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Tessa Newell
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We can hardly believe it, but it’s time to bid farewell to another memorable year. Just as your team is evaluating the highs and lows of  2023 (and how to make 2024 your most efficient year yet), we’ve been taking a look at the InvoiceCloud Blog posts that billing and payments professionals gravitated towards, shared with their peers, and revisited time and again.

In a world where constant innovation is the norm, educational resources that help billing organizations navigate the complex payments landscape are essential. Whether you’ve referenced these posts all year round or are just about to bookmark them now, we wanted to share the topics, resources, and insights that captured the spotlight in 2023. Hopefully, you’ll take away something helpful for next year!

Let’s take a look back at the top five InvoiceCloud Blog posts of 2023, starting with #5.

5. San Angelo Restores Customer Trust with Secure Payments Solution: Client Story

The City of San Angelo Water faced a situation that many utilities dread: its online payment system suffered a critical data breach, leaving customers and staff agitated. This popular customer story details how the city was able to restore customer trust and further secure sensitive customer data for the future.

4. What is Cloudwashing? How to Identify a True SaaS Solution

“Cloudwashing” is a critical concept for any billing and payment team. Without an understanding of what constitutes a true cloud solution, organizations risk investing in technology that stunts futureproofing, complicates system updates, and more.

3. The Benefits of a Reconciliation Tool for Insurance Organizations

It’s traditionally difficult to reconcile ainsurance organization’s bank account with its collections system – this misalignment is usually what causes reconciliations to become complicated, time-consuming, and susceptible to manual oversight. This post digs into how to evaluate and implement a reconciliation tool that can streamline processes for insurers.

2. ACH Series, Part 1: What is an ACH Payment and How Does it Work?

The Automated Clearing House (ACH) is a complex but essential network you’ve likely interacted with in your day-to-day life, perhaps without realizing it. This first installment of our educational series digs into what ACH payments are and how they work for billing organizations and their customers (check out Part 2 and Part 3 to better understand the benefits of an integrated ACH system).

1.USPS Announces New Postage Rates for 2023

The news of higher postage rates for 2023 was a hot topic – which makes sense, considering how expensive the costs associated with billing and payment can become. In the New Year, postage rates are taking another hike, going up to 68 cents starting January 21, 2024. As these rates continue to climb, evaluating how billing organizations can drive paperless billing enrollment and offset increased prices.


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Tessa Newell

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