Video: City of Escondido Saves Staff Time by Driving Self-Service

Brian Melle

The InvoiceCloud model was developed around customer success — which means, literally, our team can’t succeed until our customer succeeds. We’re in it together. That’s why we take care to not only develop meaningful, positive relationships with our customers, but we set them up with all the resources they could need during and post-implementation to drive higher levels of self-service payment adoption.

We were thrilled for the chance to sit down with one such customer whose team has seen a 242% increase in adoption since starting with InvoiceCloud, Christina Holmes, Director of Finance for the City of Escondido, CA.

Want to learn more about how InvoiceCloud helped the City of Escondido see these incredible results? You can always set up a no-obligation, 30-minute call with our team to share what billing and payment struggles are getting in your way and hear how we can help.

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