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Digital Payments as a Solution to Rising Check Fraud  

Check fraud remains a significant problem in America, with losses estimated to be in the billions of dollars each…

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Tags: digital payments, ebpp, online payment system, online payments, saas, security

Carteret Craven Electric Lowers In-Person Payments 40%: Client Story

Headquartered in Newport, North Carolina, Carteret Craven Electric Company (CCEC) serves over 44,000 meters in the Carteret, Craven, Jones,…

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Tags: adoption, ebpp, online payments, saas, security, utilities

Bona Vista Water District Improves Staff Productivity: Client Story

The Bona Vista Water District of Utah began in 1956 as a special service district. Today, the district serves…

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Tags: client stories, customer experience, ebpp, online payment system, security, user experience, utilities

Cyberattacks in Insurance: What You Need to Know

Cyberattacks are a serious threat to any organization, but there has been a growing threat of cyberattacks in insurance….

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Tags: insurance, policyholder experience, saas, security

Encouraging Self-Service Payments with AgentConnect

Driving more billers to self-service payment methods (also known as electronic adoption or e-adoption) is one of the most…

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Tags: adoption, customer experience, digital payments, security, self-service

GFOA Recap: What are Finance Officers Focused on for 2022?

The Government Finance Officer’s Association (GFOA) held their 2021 virtual conference last week. If you weren’t able to make…

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Tags: security, utilities

How to Protect Your Utility or Municipality from Cyberthreats

In January 2020, cybercriminals disturbed government services for a week in Tillamook County, using ransomware. In May 2020, cybercriminals…

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Tags: online payment system, partnerships, security, utilities

The Ultimate Online Payment Security Checklist

With a growing number of customers opting for online payments, demand for digital payment channels is at an all-time…

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Tags: digital payments, ebpp, online payments, research, saas, security

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