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Celebrating Earth Day: The Impact of Paperless Billing

This Earth Day, we’d like to highlight a self-service option in the payment route that’s beneficial for billing organizations, the planet, and highly convenient for…

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Tags: adoption, online payments, self-service, user experience

What is CX vs. UX?
By Tessa Newell On March 10, 2021

What is CX vs. UX?

User experience (UX) and customer experience (CX) are words thrown around often when referring to customer service. But what…

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Tags: customer effort, customer experience, customer frustration, customer satisfaction, ebpp, user experience

The 5 Biggest Payment Engagement Trends for 2021

With 2020 behind us, all eyes are looking forward to what 2021 holds. For billing and payment professionals, that curiosity can be summed up…

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Tags: adoption, customer engagement, customer experience, customer frustration, ebpp, online payment system, saas, user experience

[Infographic]: The Current State of Online Payments

For most organizations, improving the customer experience is critical to remain competitive, retain customers, and even drive results. And…

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Tags: customer experience, infographic, online payments, user experience

Simplifying Reconciliations to Improve User Experience: Client Story

Innovation is an unavoidable – but welcome – aspect of technology. To say that tech is constantly evolving is…

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Tags: client stories, insurance, user experience

Creating a Positive Insurance Payment Experience

In an industry with infrequent customer touchpoints, like insurance, every policyholder interaction holds a lot of weight. Your organization…

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Tags: customer experience, insurance, user experience

What is a Customer Effort Score–and Why Does it Matter?

There are many ways to measure your organization’s customer experience, from quantitative surveys to qualitative interviews and reviews. When…

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Tags: customer effort, customer experience, customer frustration, user experience

5 Customer Preference Trends Your Organization Needs to Know

How important is keeping up with customer preferences? Although the answer to this question may vary by industry, the…

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Tags: customer experience, customer satisfaction, user experience

Creating a Good User Experience for Online Payments

In a recent blog post, we discussed the benefits of improving the online payment experience. We detailed how a…

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Tags: customer experience, online payment system, self-service, user experience

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