3 Takeaways from New Local Government Research

In recent years, local governments have been forced to adapt to a wildly changing world, especially as it pertains to sending bills…

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Encouraging Self-Service Payments with AgentConnect

Driving more billers to self-service payment methods (also known as electronic adoption or e-adoption) is one of the most…

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4 Keys to Reducing Late Premium Payments and Cancellations

Many insurance organizations share common pain points when it comes to collecting premium payments – but what’s the biggest, top-of-mind challenge that keeps insurers up…

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3 Benefits of an Enhanced Interactive Voice Response Solution

We often talk about omni-channel payment options as a billing essential, mainly for the convenience of allowing customers to make payments, whenever, wherever, and however they’d…

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4 Ways Your Organization Can Drive Online Payment Adoption for Taxes

When we talk about “adoption,” we are generally referring to electronic billing and payment adoption or the process of driving customers to make…

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3 New Biller Best Practices in the Wake of COVID-19

Just as COVID-19 has drastically changed the way we live, billing organizations have also had to pivot their best practices in response to the health…

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Celebrating Earth Day: The Impact of Paperless Billing

This Earth Day, we’d like to highlight a self-service option in the payment route that’s beneficial for billing organizations, the planet, and highly convenient for…

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Why Offer Pay by Text?
By Tara Wildt On February 3, 2021

Why Offer Pay by Text?

From social media and text messaging to emailing and more, most consumers spend the majority of their time on…

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3 Tips for Your Easiest Tax Event Ever

Unlike many sectors, tax organizations know (roughly) how each year is going to look for their team. And while…

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