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How 2020 Accelerated Online Payment Adoption

This past year was an unprecedented one – one that asked organizations across all industries to reevaluate and reimagine how they provide products…

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Tags: adoption, ebpp, online payment system, online payments

8 Remote Team Activities from the Invoice Cloud Staff

Working remotely through the COVID-19 pandemic has presented numerous challenges for employees and employers alike. Outside of equipping employees to balance their…

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Tags: culture, remote working, values

The Ultimate Online Payment Security Checklist

With a growing number of customers opting for online payments, demand for digital payment channels is at an all-time…

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The Online Payment Experience Assessment

The online payment experience is one of the most critical interactions your organization has with its customers. Between changing…

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Tags: customer experience, online payments

Increased Customer Satisfaction Saves Resources: Client Story

Just as billing and payments are an essential arm of local government, increased customer satisfaction is an essential metric for an effective…

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Tags: adoption, customer experience, customer satisfaction, online payment system, online payments

Working Parent Perspective: the COVID Balancing Act

There’s a lot to love about being part of the Invoice Cloud team. Whether it’s our commitment to our…

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Tags: culture, values

4 Ways to Improve Policyholder Experience with Technology

We are in the midst of tremendous focus and investment in technology to drive customer acquisition in the insurance…

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Tags: digital payments, insurance, policyholder experience

[Infographic]: The Current State of Online Payments

For most organizations, improving the customer experience is critical to remain competitive, retain customers, and even drive results. And…

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Tags: customer experience, infographic, online payments, user experience

Improved Payment Processing Drives Online Adoption: Client Story

The immediacy of today’s technology has changed customer expectations across most industries. Whether it’s the ability to instantly check…

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Tags: customer experience, customer frustration, ebpp, online payment system

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