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Meeting Members Where They are: Why Farm Bureaus are Embracing Frictionless Billing and Payments 

Farm Bureaus are so much more than insurers – they’re considered the voice of farmers and ranchers nationwide. Between…

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Tags: client stories, customer effort, customer experience, customer satisfaction, digital payments, insurance

Video: Soquel Creek Conserves Resources Through Frictionless Payments

Soquel Creek Water District is a public agency dedicated to providing a high-quality and sustainablewater supply to nearly 41,000…

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Tags: client stories, digital payments, ebpp, online payment system, online payments, self-service, user experience, utilities

The Key to Transforming Taxpayer Behavior 

Paying county taxes might be an unavoidable aspect of life, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t benefits to investing…

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Tags: adoption, customer effort, customer experience, customer frustration, customer satisfaction, digital payments, online payments, self-service, user experience

The Secret to Better JD Power Scores

For many utilities, customer satisfaction rankings like JD Power scores are a critical measure of success. As the trusted…

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Tags: customer experience, customer satisfaction, online payments, utilities

New Research: the Most Important Moment for Utility Customer Satisfaction 

Improving and maintaining utility customer satisfaction is a major priority for utility providers today – and for good reason….

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Tags: customer experience, customer satisfaction, research, user experience, utilities

Water Authority Stabilizes Rates with Stellar Digital Payment Experience: Client Story 

Truckee Meadows Water Authority (TMWA), a not-for-profit, community-owned water utility in Reno, Nevada, was struggling to stabilize rates and…

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Tags: adoption, client stories, customer experience, customer frustration, self-service, user experience, utilities

True SaaS for Insurance: Meeting Policyholder Expectations Today and Tomorrow 

As is true across all industries, customer expectations are constantly evolving for insurance providers. While the wants and needs…

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Tags: client stories, customer churn, customer satisfaction, digital payments, ebpp, insurance, policyholder experience, saas, Uncategorized, user experience

Employee Spotlight: The Growth of InvoiceCloud’s Partner-First Model

From its inception, InvoiceCloud has been a partner-first company. No one knows this better than one of InvoiceCloud’s longest-tenured…

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Tags: culture, implementations, integrations, partnerships, values

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