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3 Utility Session Recaps from CS Week 2021

For utility service providers, CS Week is the #1 annual educational and customer service conference serving electric, gas and water/wastewater utility professionals across North…

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Tags: customer experience, digital payments, saas, user experience, utilities

Encouraging Self-Service Payments with AgentConnect

Driving more billers to self-service payment methods (also known as electronic adoption or e-adoption) is one of the most…

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Tags: adoption, customer experience, digital payments, security, self-service

Paperless Enrollment Decreases Utility Shutoffs by 72%: Client Story

Regardless of location or services provided, utility companies can all agree on one thing: disconnecting services due to a lack of…

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Tags: client stories, customer experience, self-service

Key Takeaways from IASA Xchange 2021

The Insurance Accounting & Systems Association (IASA) is a non-profit exclusively dedicated to serving professionals in the insurance industry….

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Tags: digital payments, insurance, online payment system, policyholder experience

Infographic: Municipal Benefits of Digitizing Tax Collection Services

One historical misconception of the tax industry is that certain manual tasks — like billing, resident communications, and collections…

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Tags: digital payments, infographic, online payment system, online payments, saas

4 Keys to Reducing Late Premium Payments and Cancellations

Many insurance organizations share common pain points when it comes to collecting premium payments – but what’s the biggest, top-of-mind challenge that keeps insurers up…

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Tags: adoption, customer frustration, insurance, one-time payment, online payments, policyholder experience, saas, self-service

Expanding the Payment Experience for Utility Customers

Timely and reliable customer payments are the backbone for all utilities. As the world of technology improves around us,…

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Tags: customer engagement, customer experience, implementations, online payment system, online payments, partnerships

GFOA Recap: What are Finance Officers Focused on for 2022?

The Government Finance Officer’s Association (GFOA) held their 2021 virtual conference last week. If you weren’t able to make…

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Tags: security, utilities

How Invoice Cloud Supports its Working Parents

While we never need a holiday to celebrate the parents in our lives, we can’t turn down the opportunity to give…

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Tags: culture, remote working, values

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