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Water Authority Stabilizes Rates with Stellar Digital Payment Experience: Client Story 

Truckee Meadows Water Authority (TMWA), a not-for-profit, community-owned water utility in Reno, Nevada, was struggling to stabilize rates and…

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Tags: adoption, client stories, customer experience, customer frustration, self-service, user experience, utilities

True SaaS for Insurance: Meeting Policyholder Expectations Today and Tomorrow 

As is true across all industries, customer expectations are constantly evolving for insurance providers. While the wants and needs…

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Tags: client stories, customer churn, customer satisfaction, digital payments, ebpp, insurance, policyholder experience, saas, Uncategorized, user experience

Fintech Trend to Watch: Cryptocurrency for Bill Payments

When you think of cryptocurrency (or “crypto”), you might picture a futuristic type of currency that belongs in the…

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Tags: digital payments, ebpp, mobile wallet, online payment system, online payments, paypal

Employee Spotlight: The Growth of InvoiceCloud’s Partner-First Model

From its inception, InvoiceCloud has been a partner-first company. No one knows this better than one of InvoiceCloud’s longest-tenured…

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Tags: culture, implementations, integrations, partnerships, values

Video: How Ellington Mutual is Meeting Today’s Customer Expectations

Ellington Mutual has been meeting its customers’ insurance needs for nearly 150 years — the last thing its team…

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Tags: adoption, client stories, customer experience, customer satisfaction, insurance, online payment system, online payments, policyholder experience

You’re an InvoiceCloud Customer – What Support Can You Expect? 

If you’ve recently become an InvoiceCloud customer, welcome! At InvoiceCloud, biller support is an essential part of our offerings,…

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Tags: adoption, client stories, implementations, integrations

[On-demand Webinar] 10 Minutes to Impress with Utility Customer Engagement

For utility providers, time is of the essence. In fact, according to a recent study, utility providers typically only…

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Tags: customer engagement, self-service, utilities

Video: Bona Vista Water Improves Productivity with Online Payment Services

Community growth can be an exciting and overwhelming time for utility providers — more people relying on your services…

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Tags: client stories, digital payments, ebpp, online payment system, self-service, user experience, utilities

How Does Driving Customer Self-Service Benefit Billers? 

It’s easier than ever to get things done whenever and wherever we want. Grocery and drug stores are equipped…

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Tags: adoption, customer engagement, self-service, user experience

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